August 2, 2021


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Muskie Moment: Open up the Window

Big plastics like Bulldawgs and Medusas will entice muskies into biting as the period warms up in lakes country. DEO Photo by Andrew Slette

By Andrew Slette

With the warm days, increasing water temps and high skies, muskies have been looking for shelter in the deep weeds.

There is a compact window of opportunity in the mornings and evenings that has fish out actively chasing baitfish for the duration of people reduced gentle durations. Muskies can be identified suspended about further water or up on top rated of the flat, whilst these bites appear to be to arrive and go fast with the superior skies. The fish on the flats and inside the weed edges can be cast for with topwater baits, bucktails and more compact crankbaits.

The suspended muskies have been hanging shut to composition and can be qualified by trolling crankbaits, casting rubber baits or jigging Bondy Baits or tubes. When the working day is at its warmest, the vast majority of fish head back again to composition or cabbage but can turned with the correct entice variety.

That cabbage has been the most dependable put for a chunk so significantly this year. This will probably be the case for the future couple of weeks. The muskies in the cabbage can be targeted with bucktails or topwater lures in the mornings and evenings. Rubber baits, these types of as Bulldawgs and Medusas, can be made use of after the sunlight is up. The bucktail and topwater baits are nonetheless a go to for the early morning and night bites. If you want a massive fish though, you may perhaps have to dig a minor further in your box and pull out a little something you would not ordinarily throw.

Your very best wager would be maintaining your boat off the composition and landing your baits in 10-to-12-ft of water.

In the early early morning if you place your boat in 20 feet of water you can properly cast the construction allowing the next person in the boat to solid into the abyss. A aspect imaging graph will aid immensely in locating the suspended fish this time of yr.

Otherwise, if you are fishing devoid of facet imaging, you will just have to just take my word for it and cast until finally you hook a single or see a comply with. The further we get into June the superior the fishing should really get as the significant ladies get well from the spawn. Soon muskies will begin chasing baitfish around in the basins and the even larger fish will commence to show a lot more fascination in feeding.

Andrew Slette is Dakota Edge Outside contributing writer and a Hawley, Minn. primarily based fishing guide specializing in muskies in Minnesota’s west-central lakes state. He held the Minnesota capture-and-release muskie history from 2016 to 2019 with a 57-inch fish.