November 30, 2021


Nuts about home

Male Arrested Following Beating A different Male He Noticed Leaving the Women’s Toilet at Wesselman Park

Thomas Churchard, 31, is struggling with several major expenses following he defeat up another male and stole $400 from him at Wesselman Park late Saturday afternoon.

The Evansville Police Office says Churchard observed the sufferer leave the women’s lavatory at Wesselman Park a couple of days prior to the beating and confronted him about why he was there.

The target states he was there to retrieve an ear bud his girlfriend had still left in there.

On Saturday, the two ran into every single other all over again. 

“Churchard stated ‘You’re fortunate I did not blow your head off,'” in accordance the police studies.

He then strike the target, tore off his backpack, breaking his Bose headphones.

“The offender then tackled him to the ground and started to choke him,” law enforcement report states. “[The Victim] stated that Churchard put his arm around his neck. [The Victim] mentioned he faked likely limp so that Churchard would prevent.”

Churchard ongoing to conquer the sufferer until officers arrived on scene.

Witnesses on scene saw Churchard chasing the sufferer with a gun, and demanding his telephone. 

Churchard is being held on a $10,000 bond at he Vanderburgh County Correction Center.

He is billed with Battery With Really serious Bodily Personal injury, Robbery, Felony Mischief, Strangulation and Conversation — Intimidation.

The target was taken to Ascension St. Vincent.