June 19, 2021


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giwa eclipse is an exquisite steel floor lamp influenced by a photo voltaic eclipse

korean home furniture designer choi joon woo reveals a metal edition of his former style selection giwa. his past will work ended up expressed by arch-shaped steel frames, reinterpreting the image of giwa (traditional korean tiles) that had been melded with some sections of the previous and present home furnishings. via this edition the designer required to embody mixed visuals of giwa of korea’s common architecture in phrases of forms, time and house into bodily houses by contrasting heaviness with lightness, thickness with thinness, symmetry with asymmetry, and roughness with softness.

all images courtesy of choi joon woo
giwa eclipse lights



giwa eclipse lights by choi joon woo is expressive of the surroundings of a photo voltaic eclipse over giwa roof tiles. as the moon gets amongst earth and the sunlight casting unique shadows about earth with time, the designer desired people today to practical experience very similar emotions of the temperature and intensity alter of lights by manually altering the distance between the plate and the light-weight. its put up and giwa-reminding c-shaped body put together with the lighting shadow when viewed from the entrance displays the image of a common korean candlestick.

giwa series _ steel edition 2
giwa eclipse lighting

giwa series _ steel edition 3
 the shading and depth of lighting can be improved by manually adjusting the distance involving the plate and the mild

giwa series _ steel edition 4
giwa eclipse lighting’s depth

giwa series _ steel edition 5
giwa metal tea desk

giwa series _ steel edition 6
reinterpretation of the combined images of giwa from the morphology, time, and space place of watch

giwa series _ steel edition 7
giwa eclipse lighting & tea table

giwa series _ steel edition 8
giwa nightstand lamp

giwa series _ steel edition 9
giwa nightstand lamp’s detail

giwa series _ steel edition 10
giwa aspect table & nightstand lamp

giwa series _ steel edition 11
giwa facet table

giwa series _ steel edition 12
giwa side table’s detail



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title: giwa series_metal edition

designer: choi joon woo


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