September 23, 2021


Nuts about home

Burglars Roll 4 Harley Avenue Glides Out Dealership’s Front Door

Harley-Davidson has been recognized to cultivate an outlaw graphic. From the Hells Angels to the Sons of Anarchy, the Motor Corporation has offered tens of millions of units because of to that rough and tumble reputation. Unfortunately, the outlaw image arrived home to roost when burglars broke into an Indiana Harley-Davidson dealership and stole 4 bikes off the showroom flooring.

The theft happened at the Kokomo Harley-Davidson in Kokomo, Indiana, on March 18, 2021. At 3:22 am, surveillance online video showed the robbers rolling 3 2021 Avenue Glide Specials and 1 2020 Street Glide Particular suitable out of the dealership’s front doorway. The footage also captured the group’s structured actions, with one particular member unlocking the entrance while the three other individuals speedily pick out their new Hog. Police claimed that every burglar donned “concealable apparel and motorbike helmets”, foiling attempts to determine them.

We’re by no suggests investigators, but the theft appears particularly suspicious to us. For occasion, how ended up the culprits able to enter the institution with out tripping alarms? Also, dealership entrance doors usually require a crucial to open from the inside. Were the burglars ready to nab a established of keys inside of the dealership?

As for the motorcycles, all modern Harley-Davidson Touring styles use a key FOB alternatively of a mechanical key. Some dealerships zip tie the electronic keys to the brake or clutch lever all through exam rides. Were the Street Glides a part of the Kokomo Harley-Davidson’s test fleet? If not, how did the robbers resource the vital FOBs to start out the bikes? We really should also note that important FOBs are not always desired to start off a Harley.

In the celebration that a rider loses their key, Hogs also take an digital safety pin to change on the bike. The factory default pin has historically been 31313. If the burglars have been in a position to crack the code on the four Avenue Glides, they could have commenced them that way.

No matter of the thieves’ methods, the four motorcycles ended up well worth more than $95,000. Authorities are asking any person with facts to contact the Kokomo Police Department. Certainly, Harely-Davidson has been known for its outlaw image, but hopefully, the KPD and Kokomo dealership can deliver these outlaws to justice.