April 18, 2021


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Bonkers Luxury Motorcoach Has Two Loos And A Basement Bedroom

There are rooftop tents you can mount on just about everything. There are campers of modest dimension that you can generate or tow. There are intelligent household-built campers built out of anything from outdated school buses to a Nissan Versa. There are substantial motorhomes with smaller garages and place to stretch out. And then there are insane luxury motorcoaches like this 2007 Prevost Featherlite and sure, it essentially has a basement.

Of program, it is not a subterranean basement, but it is living space beneath the floor that is accessible from exterior and inside this rig. Not that you would at any time want to go away the high-class interior filled with wooden, chrome, mirrors, and higher-end components, but often every person requirements a minor escape space. Which is quite significantly what this is, as demonstrated by the giddy narrator in this video clip from RVing with Andrew Steele on YouTube. Presumably, this is Andrew on digital camera and as you can see from the screenshots below, a compact hatch in the flooring qualified prospects to a alternatively cozy bunk that spans the width of the RV.

2007 Prevost Featherlite Basement Bunk

The bunk fundamentally occupies a storage bay, but it truly is not a sleeping bag stuffed into a closet. The house is trimmed with pleasant resources and fitted with lights and two tv screens, and while the hatch in the flooring would seem a little bit sketchy, the big exterior doorway opens for easier entry. For that issue, numerous of the exterior bays are created for outdoor entertainment, with one particular which include a 2nd refrigerator and freezer and an additional that includes a major television. Of training course, which is in addition to all the amusement gear within, not to point out two bathrooms, a few sinks, and a different learn lavatory with a shower.

As you would count on, these luxurious in a motorhome does not arrive affordable. These rigs simply move the $2 million mark when new, even though this 14-calendar year-aged product with 97,000 miles is at this time for sale in Florida at just $499,999.